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I'm sorry I didn't believe you,
I'm sorry I didn't see into your vision,
I'm sorry I doubted you,
I'm sorry I cast a blind eye to your light,
I'm sorry a played a fiddle on you.You were the one for me,
You are the one I still want,
You are my direction,
You are capable of leading and loving,
You are the one for me.I see clearly now,
I am making right for my inhibitions,
I am casting my fear aside,
I take you as you come,
I believe in the dream that you are,
I see now that you are the one for me.
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A Dirge

Why are your hands so cold?
Your hands that made my cold hands warm, who will warm your hands now.
Where has the life drained to from your soft beautiful cheeks?
What is this haziness I see cast over your eyes? Where has the sharpness that pierced my heart from your eyes wandered to?
Breathe again, so I can breathe, lift my darkness with the light from your warmth, make me feel alive again with the fire from your eyes.
For you have loved me in the light of day and now I must love you in the darkness of eternity.

Husband Snatcher

Husband snatcher
 A story.
 The bus arrived two hours early, at four in the morning. He knew they had
 reached their destination when the conductor, sleepy eyed and grumpy,
 switched on the lights and paced up and down banging on the tin roof of the
 big, aging bus. Nobody protested, the passengers dutifully got up and
 started assembling their luggage. In twenty minutes, he too was in a fast
 moving que filing out of the bus. It hd been a long, bumpy ride, a painful
 journey, yet not an unfamiliar one. Uncaring to the other Kenyan
 passengers, this particular young, tall, skinny man-with blue-black bruises
 all over his face, aches and pains all over his body- had been travelling
 most of his short life.
 As he clutched his nice leather carry-on bag, which were all of his
 belongings, he knew this was the last time he was running. His life as a
 traveler was over, it decided and affirmed. Wanzu island was to be his last
 and final destination. there, he knew, life would be different, on wanzu


I can tell that you're fighting, you're at war with yourself. Set yourself free...
I can see that you're struggling, I know you're restraining your desires, you're having trouble stifling your quench. Set yourself free...
The depths of your guarded soul mask an overwhelming wanting. It is hard to fight it I know, but you are trying. Set yourself free...
Set your self free, you cannot hide from the yearning of your eager heart. Give yourself to me and you shall be free...

Introducing Forbidden Folklore

A poem by Jeffrey Musa And so here I stand; my ear full of noises, Noises of my beating heart beat, a heart strong and warm and true, When shall my heart start beating, when will my heart know love? Love is the elixir that injects life into the soul of my heart beat, And so here I stand; my ear full of noises, Noises of my beating heart beat, a heart longing to be consumed by love again